Ministry Team

Worship in Motion is a unique Christian worship, dance, drama and creative arts ministry,  founded by director  Charmaine Hinds in 2000-2001. It’s members represent many denominations, generations (adults, youth and children) and varying demographic backgrounds in the kingdom.

They are called to train, equip and release congregations, dance companies and individuals into dance ministry and worship.

They have traveled extensively across the country and internationally speaking and holding workshops and conferences to help the Church understand the biblical foundations of worship dance.

WIM is in close fellowship with Pastors, Leaders, Schools, Ministries and a network of dance teams called David’s Army Network.

They are passionate about their worship unto the Lord and desire to see others come into a greater level of freedom of holistic worship aided by the worship dance experience and the creative arts in worship.

They powerfully minister unto the Lord in the dance in a variety of styles, cultures and forms of worship. Styles that range from modern to jazz, cultures from Israeli to African, sometimes using worship instruments such as tambourines and flags. They also use dance as an instrument in prayer, intercession and warfare.

They have ministered for many different congregations and outreaches. They have helped to give exposure to worship dance as a complimentary to praise and worship. The mandate of the ministry is to equip and release and many past team members have been equipped and released to lead worship dance teams in their respective ministry areas.

Our ministry is based on John 4:23 as we pray that the Father would continue to call forth those that have a heart to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth