“ WOW!!!  This is true worship people.  This is what King David was talking about in the Psalms.”

Tristin Burns
Women With A Vision
“Worship in Motion provides believers an entry way into new expressions of worship before the Lord. The likemindedness cultivated among those who share this vital ministry expression finds a home and enriching environment in this setting. Worship in Motion seeks to establish an embracing of excellence both in heart and in worship and art form. Much awaits us all as worshippers! I thank the Lord for those who have given themselves to develop this ministry “unto the Lord.”

Rev. Peggy I. Kennedy
Two Silver Trumpets Ministry
“It has been our privilege to have you and the team from Worship in Motion join us for several occasions both in presentation and teaching over the past few years. It is always a positive experience, and those who have participated are always eager to learn more. Your organization is helping people to develop and grow in several areas, spiritually, physically, and socially to mention a few.”

Rev.Stephen W. Bilsborough, Great Life Church
“From the day I came in contact with Worship in Motion, under the leadership of Charmaine Hinds, I have been so heavily influenced by the enormous experience and knowledge this team possesses. They have ministered many places and been through many things that any new or establised dance ministry could glean from. Worship in Motion has given many dance teams the opportunity to share in the experience of worship dance. It has allowed even my team, RAQAD, to grow and expand our mind in regard to dance. What is most unique and special about Worship in Motion is the fact that they consist of members of all ages, all sizes, all backgrounds to fulfill one common goal…and that is to reach people by worshipping the Most High God!”

Natalie Pommells  
Director of RAQAD Dance Agency
“It was a real blessing to have Charmaine Hinds and Worship in Motion at Southside Victory Church in Calgary. I know many of our congregation was released into a new freedom with their dance ministry to the Lord and we have no hesitation in recommending them to other organizations who may wish to experience the joy of the Lord with expressive dance and motion.”                                     

Pastor John Harper
Southside Victory Church in Calgary
“I’ve very much appreciated getting to know Charmaine and Wayne (Worship in Motion) and working with them over the past 10 years. I see them as fellow pioneers and partners in ministry. Their vision of releasing Canadian dancers who are Christian is complimentary to my vision of releasing the voices of Canadian writers who are Christian. Only when all the arts are fully released and appreciated will the Body of Christ in Canada be able to flourish. Plus I just love watching Charmaine dance!”

N. J. Lindquist, inspirational author and speaker, co-founder of The Word Guild
Charmaine Hinds and Worship in Motion team is very gifted in their ministry.  They bring scripture alive in dance.  They present a message of witness, worship and praise to their congregation that uplifts our walk with God. They dance with a clear message of strength, encouragement and vibrancy that reflect their spiritual commitment to their ministry.  Great ministry to be associated with. A must for all church groups!”    

Jennie Powell  
Women’s Leader New Hope Fellowship
The Worship In Motion team ministers frequently in our meetings, and we will continue to invite them in for future events. The workshops are excellent with sound biblical teaching.  The annual worship celebration makes a powerful impact on all who attend. 

Pastors Doug & Linda Patterson 
Shekinah Restoration Centre  Co-founders, Intercessors For Jesus, Inc.
“It was an absolute delight for us to host the ‘Children’s Team’ on our Missions  Sunday, and to say we were blessed would not do justice to the children, or their leader Charmaine. They were so gracious, so sensitive and so beautiful in their presentation and indeed, in their presence!  Words fail me in expressing what we felt and experienced.
May the Lord continue to use Worship in Motion for His Glory!”  

Dr. Sam Martin, Sn. Pastor
Safe Haven Worship Center
“The ministry of Worship in Motion expresses what words could never say.  We had the pleasure of having Charmaine and her team minister at the dedication and launch of Real Identity Discovery Ministries (RIDM).  When I think of how they ministered unto the Lord, Exodus 33:10 comes to mind when Moses asked the Lord to show him His glory.  With every motion and every expression they showed us the glory of the Lord and ushered us to a place where we wished we could remain — the secret place of the Lord’s presence!  What joy!  May the Lord bless Worship in Motion as they continue to help His people experience worship in spirit and in truth.

Marva Tyndale  
Real Identity Discovery Ministries