WIM Training

Worship in Motion offers a form of training for everyone at all ages and levels . We plan classes, workshops and conferences


   Worship in Motion Leaders Training Course

            via On-line / Conferencing 


Worship in Motion Leadership course, taught online, for dance ministers is a  leadership training program for those who desire to go to the next level in their ministry and to attain further training for team leadership or solo ministry. This course is offered Online or in class format to meet  the needs of the participants. This is an interactive course where each student will receive a Leaders training manual as a part of the course curriculum.


This program consists of course of study in the following;

  • The Biblical foundations of Dance

  • Principals of Worship Dance

  • Principles of Choreography

  • Developing good Leadership skills

  • Prophecy and Intercession

  • Dance team Dynamics

  • Character of a Godly Minister

  • Leading and training a dance ministry

  • Skill in Anointed worship


We are here to  teach, equip, train, motivate and mentor each student. You will be  required to submit monthly projects and biweekly assignments and can receive a certificate upon full completion of this course from the Worship in  Motion Ministry School. This will be an investment in you, in your future and in your ministry. Our goal is for every student to come into a deeper relationship of intimacy and worship unto the Lord in personal devotion, corporate worship and public ministry.


Our principal goal and vision for this course is

  • To equip leaders and ministers in the ministry of dance.

  • To provide resources and mentor-ship for leaders in this ministry

  • To equip, train and release students to understand their calling and destiny in Christ

Our Leadership training, now available as an online personalized course is an amazing way to help worship ministry leaders to become equipped and trained to lead their ministries effectively and confidently. If you would like us to train your leaders on the fundamentals of a worship dance ministry please Contact Us